1751+ High PR Social Bookmarking Sites For 2020

1751+ High PR Social Bookmarking Sites For 2020

Are you beginner ? Also don’t know how social bookmarking sites help in SEO?

Well, It’s common among newbies to find way to bookmark their website for SEO that is Search Engine Optimization. Best way to do so is to list your website on the new social bookmarking sites for getting more advantages.

Bookmarking sites help you submit your website in relevant niche and category. It also help you getting quality backlinks which is one of the best advantage of high pr social bookmarking sites..

We know what you want now is list of social bookmarking sites where you can bookmark your business website in 2020. We have made social bookmarking sites list based on high domain authority and page rank. So, it’s going to help everyone from bloggers to digital marketers.

How is it going to help you ?

Bookmarking site does not only pass backlinks but also drive traffic to your website that help you getting visitors. Backlink increase your domain authority if you have bookmarked your website on top social bookmarking sites whereas traffic increase your ranking in search engine such as Google & Bing. So that is what happen when you submit your website on high da social bookmarking sites.

Why Social Bookmarking Site ?

If you know even little about SEO then you might have idea of on-off page seo. So, we assume that you know about on page seo and moving on with it. ( If in case you do not know then read here )

Right now we are talking about do-follow social bookmarking site that is used for off page seo. In fact it’s off page seo technique in which we build quality backlinks from high pr bookmarking sites .

If you are beginner and want quality backlinks for free then you do not have any alternative other than high pr social bookmarking sites. You can bookmark your site on top submission sites to get do follow backlinks along with little audience.

We said little traffic because, bookmarking submission sites may or may not drive traffic in beginning but it will provide some visitors after some time.

And for beginners getting backlinks from authority sites should be top priority.

Submission is considered as one of the best part of SEO strategy because backlink from top social bookmarking sites play important role in improving ranking in search engine. It also help you getting your website index faster.

Must know Before starting Social Bookmarking :

You learn about social bookmarking sites and how it help your website getting backlinks and traffic. But before staring bookmarking, you must know some rules which you should strictly follow on free social bookmarking sites.

Spamming : New social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Stumbleupon has very strict guidelines for it’s users. Sometime, These sites ban user who seems to be violating their rules. So, You need to make your profile genuine on this bookmarking sites.

Active Profile : You need to be active on the top social bookmarking sites for getting more reach on your published posts. Being active on the high da bookmarking sites is also good practice for off page seo.

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Category : You can be active and also be following rules but if you do not publish your post in right tags under right category then everything whatever you do will go in vain.

Top 15 Social Bookmarking Sites For SEO in 2020

We have shared list of social bookmarking sites based on monthly unique visitors and world ranking which we checked on Alexa. Even most of you even heard name of few.

75+ New Social Bookmarking Sites in 2020

We have made separate social bookmarking sites list so that you get what you are looking for based on your requirement. In this list, we have shared high da social bookmarking sites.

100+ High PR Social Bookmarking Sites in 2020

Submission sites we have listed in this table does not need to share DA & PA as mostly bookmarking sites are popular and has been there on the web from very long.

As we said that we have made separate social bookmarking list to help you find submission sites based on monthly unique visitors, world ranking, domain authority and page authority.

Must Know the best Directory Submission List

You can also list your business in local listing sites and share business on photo sharing sites as well.

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100+ High DA Do Follow Profile Creation Sites List

75+ Free Image Sharing Sites

Top 250+ High DA Do Follow Business Listing Sites

You will find almost every high pr social bookmarking sites here that has good domain authority as well.

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