150+ Best Free Ping Submission Sites List For Faster Indexing

You might have been troubling while indexing your websites on seach engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Even some of you may be looking for way to get backlinks of your website indexed sooner.

Well, it is common now days that search engine does not crawle backlinks, which you build, that waste so much of time.

If you know that more than 79% of backlinks are never indexed by major search engine like Google. Good thing is that we have solution for this problem that is ping submission sites.

Yes, If you do not know about ping sumbmission then do not worry. Mostly does not know about this way of indexing backlinks with help of submission sites.

It is most easiest way to let search engines to crawl your website, blog and backlinks. After using ping submission sites for a month, we can say that it index your website and backlinks faster than ever.

Ping submission help you getting your backlinks indexed in almost every search engine from Google to Bing. This is only the way you have to let search engine crawl your website’s backlinks in very less time by using free ping sites.

Before directly visiting ping submission sites list, you must know how does it work. Let’s know benefits of ping sites first.

Benefits of Ping Submission:

Free ping sites are very helpful for everyone who are having trouble while getting their backlinks indexed by search engines.

It index your website, blog and backlinks to major search engines and directories.

How to use ping submission sites?

  1. Visit any of ping sites from high pr ping submission sites list.
  2. Enter URL of your website which you want to get indexed by search engine and directory.
  3. Then, Click on ” Submit ” button.
  4. After submission, Confirmation message will be displayed in a second.

Note : It takes 24 hours to crawl by search engines.

150+ Free Ping Submission Sites List For Faster Indexing

That’s it. We can write more words on Ping Submission but what you need is just ping submission site list that actually index backlinks.

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