Top 300+ Free Directory Submission Sites List [September 2019]

We have already published High PR Social Bookmarking Sites where you can share your business and share. Furthermore, You can submit your business website in directory for spreading word about whatever services you offers.

It is the best way to grow your business by submitting your service details in several directories. This directory submission sites has been there since very long helping business getting more customer and more sells just by listing business.

Directory submission also help you by passing link juice that improve your position of business website in search result on search engine like Google. Moreover Directory list your information when someone looks for relevant services.

Free Directory Submission List 2019

List of free directory submission sites which we have share proven to be very helpful in 2018 in many ways which you you will know after submitting your website.

In simple words, It boost your business as well as ranking in search engine. Along with that, You build high quality backlinks from high DA sites.

But building backlinks and submitting your website on directory are pain in ass as most of the submission sites does not approve your site. And when your run business time is considered to be very important for everyone.

So everyone focus to find directory submission list that gives approval instantly and make your listing live in seconds. Even now days, Everyone submit their business services on high pr directory submission sites.

But getting directory submission sites list that approve instantly are like looking for niddle in haystack. In beginning of starting our business, we struggled a lot to find such directories but in the end we have found free directory submission list which helped us listing not our business but also improved ranking of website in search engine.

Advantage of Directory Submission Sites

Before heading directly to directory submission list, lets know how does it help your business.

It help building high quality backlinks from high DA directory that increase your authority of your website.

It help landing customer by showing your service to potential customers.

It help you getting exposure by displaying your business in search engine listing.

Types of Directory Submission Sites

You have learn how does directory work and how will it help you in 2019.

Well, Let’s know more about types of directory which is most important. You may find three type of directory having different features like some offers paid listing and some free. We have shared free directory submission list which you will need in 2019.

Free Directory Submission Sites : It is very popular directory for submission that let you list your website for free and index your business service in search engine. Mostly people are using this directory for submitting their sites but some of them found that it takes a week to approve your website in directory. Being free of cost, people still use this.

Paid Directory Submission Sites : No doubt that Free directory is very useful but when it comes to approval, paid directory considered to very effective than free directory. Using paid directory submission sites, you can submit your website and get approval in less than hours. Due to instant approval, paid submission sites help you getting exposure to your business faster than free and reciprocal directories.

Reciprocal Directory Submission Sites : Reciprocal directory are like exchanging backlinks and that is the reason people stays away from this kind of directory. In paid and free submission sites, it has relevant categories and approval time which make the process of submission quite clean but reciprocal directory submit your website in such way that it looks unnatural in eye of search engine.

Getting back to Directory Submission List 2019, We made list after visiting every submission sites. Using this list, You can make backlink from high da directory submission sites for free.

Top 300+ High DA Dofollow Directory Submission Sites List 2019

It’s long high da Directory submission sites list where you can submit your website. We are continuously adding more submission sites so keep checking.

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